Artist since 1990 now living in Melbourne, FL.

Deputy Sheriff: Sergeant for Prince George's County, Maryland, Retired in 1997.

Paratrooper: Combat Infantrymen with the 173d Airborne Brigade in Vietnam.

Meet The Artist.

My name is David A. Norman, I reside in Melbourne, Florida. I am proud of having been former military and retired law enforcement. It is my desire to remain in the families' and their lives, by making by hand three dimensional art sculptures to exacting detail.

I have been making them since 1985. My art is distinguishable from others, in as much as it is completely made by me, not using a computer or any other device. My art pieces are not perfect, as no handmade art can be. When is comes to my art, I am a meticulously detailed person.

My portfolio contains photo’s of my art sculptures to date. I am open to custom artwork and will consider making one according to your desires. My trademarks would include; that every part of my art is hand made, three-dimensional, personalized as desired and mounted on a solid Red Oak board. The board usually follows the shape of the item, however custom alterations are possible.

The average model takes in excess of 40 hours. The mold “elastomer”, or rubber mold is created by my model. A significant number of hours goes into completing each piece. Please contact me in person by using my website and email address. I can be reached by phone also. I am a one man band, and my art takes time to complete. I am thanking you in advance for your interest in my art creations.

Made to order artwork!  ...a must for every department, office or den.