Badges and emblem sculptures involve an extensive process that displays the experience and artistic skill that goes into every piece created.

It Starts With Artwork!

Creating a three-dimensional art sculpture - The process begins with either artwork or a photocopy of the badge or emblem. Then, a model of the badge/emblem is created in polymer clay, hand sculpted by the artist, David Norman. Sculpting the model generally takes 30 to 40 hours, so you can expect exceptional craftsmanship for every piece of work of created.                                                                      

4-Detailing the model..jpg

Making a mold of the finished model.

Casting Molds - A mold is created from the first sculpture design to allow easy production of additional plaques that are cost effective and with a quicker turn around time. This process allows for departments to order the necessary quantities they desire.

Custom, Personalized Plaques - Because every piece is hand-made, customization is available and should be discussed at the time of order. 

12-Emblems are handpainted..jpg

It's All In The Details!

Final Touches - Badges are generally spray painted with combinations of brilliant metal paints, and or acrylics, and then lettered to match the original. Emblems are generally entirely hand painted. The price of any given art sculpture reflects the time and materials required to create each piece.

20-Something to be proud of!.jpg

The Final Presentation.

Something To Be Proud Of - The finished plaque is mounted to solid Red Oak, custom designed to best feature the badge/emblem sculpture. In addition, the oak is routed with a rounding-over bit and finished with a medium stain.

 Additional Options - Custom adaptations, such as space for an engraved plate are available upon request.